Lotions Potions Notions - Soap Review

Posted April 08 2015

This story starts back when the Pagan Business Network began in November 2014. I was online chatting with one of the members of our little group (and it was little then) and found that she makes all natural soap. I had heard of her before through another member of the community that loves her soaps. We started talking and before we were done I had decided that if she would sell wholesale I would like to add her line to my store. This was all without sampling her work.


I placed the order and waited for her to tell me how much money to pay and then waited for her to make the soaps.   I have to admit, I was a little nervous at purchasing an order that size without having tried it first. The order included quite a few different soaps from her line as well as a good sampling of the incense blends she makes.



Her soaps and incense came in and I got busy photographing them and getting them up in my shop. I took one of the bars to try for myself. I chose the Stress Relief Soap. I proceeded to the bath tub. It lathered up well, was creamy and my skin felt awesome after using it. I have to admit that it definitely put my fears at ease. Definitely a product I will use again and a high quality product I am proud to offer in my shop.



You can find her high quality products on her website at Lotions Potions Notions as well as Here in my shop.