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Red Clover Dried (Trifolium pratense)

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Red Clover in magic:  Red clover flowers have been used throughout history to aid in fidelity, love, money, protection, removing negative spirits and blessing of domestic animals. Clover is seen as a symbol of fortune and good luck.  It has been used to help a seer develop their psychic abilities.  As a shamanic plant it has been thought to allow one to travel out of body and walk between worlds as well as see into and interact with the Otherworld.  

It also makes a good offering to Mercurial deities.

Hang a bag of dried clover over your door to ward of evil spirits.  Carry some in your wallet to bring financial gain your way.  Keep it in your pocket at the gaming table.  Burn it like you would sage or sweetgrass for smudging.  This versatile herb is really a must have for any practitioner of the magickal arts. 

Red Clover has been known to have medicinal uses.  Please do your research before ingesting any herbs and consult with your medical professional.  We make no medical claims.

The herbs are so light in weight that instead of trying to give a weight on it we just stuff a 3x5 bag as full as we can and still get it closed.  These are wild harvested from our 20 acre property so we know there are no chemicals or pesticides used. 

Charissa's Cauldron makes no claims as to the effectiveness of any of its magickal supplies and sells them all as curios only.  We do not sell herbal curios with the intention of ingestion. Sold as curios only.