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About Remedies (aka Essences)

Essences are infusions that carry the energetic properties of plants or crystals.  They address the emotional and mental aspects of health and well being.  The most well known essences are Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies.  He discovered the first 38 remedies in the 1930’s.  There are many more available now.


These essences interact with our life energy on an emotional and mental level.   They work best on the deeper emotional issues we have rather than the resulting feelings.  In choosing essences look for the deep causes or roots of these emotions.  These issues keep you from reaching a state of mental and emotional well being.  This can cause you to put up roadblocks and keep you from reaching dreams and goals in life.


Essences do not create euphoria or banish conflict or pain.  They actually will help you bring buried feelings to the surface and deal with them so you can move towards a state of health and wellness.


Essences can be taken orally or used in a mist sprayer, a cream base or in a bath.  The standard dosage is 4 drops 4 times daily.  They work on an energetic vibrational level.  The main ingredients of essence bottles are spring water and the preservative (100p Vodka, 80p Brandy or Apple Cider Vinegar).  


So, how do you go about choosing the right essence combination for you?  First of all, you should read more information on the subject.   There are several books and websites listed below to choose from or you can research more on your own.


You will need to decide which of your issues you want to address first.  It is usually best to concentrate on one or two related issues at one time and limit your treatments to a combination of 4-6 essences at a time.  You might want to speak with a counselor that works with essences about these choices.  If not, take some time for research and self-reflection before making your choices.  Either way, a long term approach will help you yield the best results.  


**  Do not use essences in the place of qualified medical care.  Essences can be used in conjunction but should not be substituted for medical or psychiatric care for serious problems.


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Flower Essence Repertory: A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being by Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

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Healing With Flower and Gemstone Essences by Diane Stein