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Affiliate Program

  • Share our website on all of your social media, websites, blogs.  Used your special affiliate link that includes a code assigned to you in your marketing.  We track sales through that code and you receive 20% commission for the customers you sent to the website.
  • Commission on reorders.  All sales to your customers will include your discount code for reorders on the bottle.  This will allow you to be paid for additional sales to the same customer.
  • Click HERE to sign up as an affiliate. 

Choose the graphic you need below and use the affiliate link you are given when you sign up to insure that you receive credit for any sales made. Right click and SAVE IMAGE to your computer so you can upload it to your site. 

728x90 - Horizontal Banner good used as headers or in main body of a website.

Charissa's Cauldron

480x80 - Horizontal Banner

Charissa's Cauldron 

200x200 - Good size for sidebars on website

Charissa's Cauldron - CharissasCauldron.com

520x440 - High resolution image that can be sized down to 260x220 easily.

If you need another size feel free to reach out to us.  We will get you one set up.