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People Behind Charissa's Cauldron

Charissa Iskiwitch (aka Lady Charissa)

Charissa’s family history is rooted in Southern Appalachia.  As a child, she was always fascinated by folklore and tradition.  When she was invited to join a local family tradition that melded the spiritual with the folklore she jumped at the chance.   What she found was a connection to the world around her that she never imagined possible. 

As members moved away and found Wiccan covens the tradition adopted some of the hierarchy and organization brought back by returning members.  They named the tradition Grove of the Goddess at that time.  Before that, we just called it Circle.  They have since gone back to Circle and dropped most of the borrowed traditions of coven life.


Charissa earned the title of High Priestess and now Elder of the Circle.


She practiced as a solitary when the Circle moved out of state.  After some years of solitude, she ventured out to find more Pagans.  She was surprised by how many solitaries she found looking for a community.  This brought about the founding of North Georgia Solitaries in 2004, a community for solitaries of all practices.


She served as a member of the Dogwood Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess from 2010-1014, served as Recorder for the 2011-2012 year.  She served on the Church of the Spiral Tree board of directors from 2011-2013 as well as serving as their Director of Pagan Prison Ministry for 2012-2013 and is a member of the Flower Essence Society and American Rootwork Association.  She has enjoyed event planning, organizing the Atlanta Witch’s Ball, Pagan Pathways Festival and Beltane Bash.  She founded the Pagan Assistance Fund, a charity that helped Pagan families in need.  Currently, she is on staff with the Pagan Business Network, an organization she founded to bring Pagan businesses together to assist each other.  


Charissa Iskiwitch has over 30 years’ experience in energy healing and spiritual counseling with certifications in color, chakra and crystal therapy, flower essences, life coaching and is a Reiki Master of the Usui Tradition.  In her business life she worked in the insurance industry for 10 years, managed a chain of retail stores for 9 years and managed property for 6 years.


She and her husband run two online businesses.  Charissa’s Cauldron sells magickal supplies and natural remedies.  Many of her goods are made from plants grown right on her property, Silver Pines.  Kit’s Flea sells items found at yard sales and flea markets.