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16th Century Cutlery Silverware Alloy Forged Steel Medieval Knife Set

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Set of two: one trailing point, highly curved feastware carving knife, and one strait-spined dinnerware knife. Each knife started it's life out as a hunk of alloy steel, then heated up in a forging furnace and hammered into the fine shape you see. As for sharpness, they have already been sharpened for you. As you may notice in the pictures, a simulated rustic look is added to the quenched metal surface to mimic aging, these are newely forged and resistant to the elements.
Overall Knife 1 Length: 10.15 Inches
Overall Knife 2 Length: 10 Inches
Blade 1 Length: 4.85 Inches
Blade 2 Length: 4.75 Inches
Steel Thickness: 5mm
Materials: Forged Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, Quenched

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