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16th Century Upper Class Pattern Twist Medieval Cutlery Knife Set

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Set of two old-fashioned cutlery knives: the first one being longer, standard style cutlery; the second knife here has a drop point blade. During the forging process, the handles of each knife go through a series of twists and bends to achieve this highly admired handle design. You can see in the pictures the twisting pattern spirals in one direction, then reverses itself and spirals back in the other direction. Plus, the loops on the pommel even have the sought after twisting pattern. In addition to the appearance of fine taste, the spiral twisted handle also adds some structural integrity to the handle. Each knife is brand new, already sharp, and has been decorated with a rustic look to simulate aging.
Overall Knife 1 Length: 10.5 Inches
Overall Knife 2 Length: 9.85 Inches
Blade 1 Length: 4.85 Inches
Blade 2 Length: 4.625 Inches
Steel Thickness: 5mm
Materials: Forged Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, Quenched

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