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300 Rise of an Empire Greek Xiphos Sparta Sword Gladius Athens King

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To the victor go the spoils, spoils of historical warfare, that is. This special blade design was used by the Spartans, Athenians, and even the Romans, to conquer their enemies on the battlefield and in the arena. It is considered functional and full tang, but the handle is made of aluminum and might be too unconventional for some people to use in battle. It is factory sharp from the box, but we recommend running a few passes with the whetstone if you would like to make this sword razor sharp. Comes with a really comfortable sheath and belt holster combo. The sheath is faux leather and can be adjusted to fit many sizes.


Overall Length: 31 Inches
Blade Length: 23.5 Inches (Linear)
Blade: 1045 Carbon Infused Steel (from Iron), Heat Treated, Quenched & Oxide Finish
Blade Thickness: 7mm
Blade Spine Thickness: 12mm
Sharpness & Functionality: Mild Sharpness, Full Tang, Functionally Capable Blade
Tang: Full Tang, One Solid Piece w the Blade
Guard: All Aluminum, Powder Coated
Handle: 7.3 Inches, Aluminum, Powder Coated
Features: Extra Thick Blade, Special Spinal Reinforcing
Includes: Free Sheath, Full Sized Belt Strap, Adjustable

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