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300 Spartan Sword Themistokles Xiphos Rise of an Empire Movie Replica Greece Athens

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Empires rise from the courage of its warriors, and the blades of its swords. This famous Xiphos sword was carried by those of Sparta and Athens, who fought to control the land around them, and lands abroad. This replica sword actually has a full tang blade that is oil quenched and hardened with a high quality blued finish on the blade surface. The handle, guard, and pommel, however, are cast aluminum and we do not consider them battle-ready due to being less commonly applied. This sword ships with a free faux leather sheath that has an integrated sword belt ready to rock. The waist strap is full sized and fully adjustable with a finely polish buckle for a refined look.


Overall Length: 30.95 Inches
Blade Length: 23.5 Inches (Linear)
Blade: Carbon Steel, Heat Treated, Quench & Blued Finish
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Full Tang, Functionally Capable Blade, Display Handle Style
Tang: Full Tang, One Solid Piece w the Blade
Guard: Aluminum, Black Powder Coated Finish
Handle: Aluminum, Black Powder Coated Finish
Includes: Free Sheath, Full Sized Belt Strap, Adjustable

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