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Alchemist Bottle Holder Steampunk Utility Belt Attachment Leather Triple

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Mount it to a waist belt, utility belt, or other strap, or even modify this to fit on your arm, wrist, or ankle! Ultimately, you will decide how to accessorize with this Steampunk inspired miniature-bottle holder. Three glass vials are included that you can fill with colored sand, glitter, or whatever you can imagine. LARP players often need more of these than can carry, strapped on like a bandoleer of poisons. Fits the role of apothecary, alchemist, healer, spell caster, tonic, or other type of costume role. As always with handmade products, each piece may vary slightly in color, shape, size, or style when comparing any two directly.
Overall Length: 9.5 Inches
Overall Height: 2.625 Inches
Apparel Type: Belt-Mounted or Strap-Mounted Utility Holder, Steampunk Style
Note: Belt, Harness, or Shoulder Strap Not Included
Materials: Genuine Rawhide Leather, Metal Rivets, Glass Bottles
Leather Thickness: 6 or 7 Ounce (~2.77mm)
Item Actual Weight: 3 Ounces (w empty bottles)
Belt Loop Size: up to 1.6 Inches Width Max
Color: Tanned Leather & Antiqued Patina Brass-finished Buckles
Number of Slots: Three
Included: 3 Glass Bottles, Size Varies
All specifications are approximate.

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