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Armored Warrior Carbon Steel Arm Vambraces - Bracers Medieval Knights Armor

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Set of two, one for each arm, specific left and right sides.
Covers the forearm, technically known as Vambrace(s), sometimes referred to as bracers (terminology used very loosely). Authentic steel armor vambraces provide forearm protection from swords and other primitive weaponry. These are meant for display and functional use, such as mock sword battle or reenactment, provides functional protection limited to reasonable use. Sized for adults with cotton padding worn under, also adjusts to different sizes and works with the addition of chainmail if so desired. If you are a knight of any caliber, you should have these vambraces to complete your set and also for training and battle. Each unit is handmade and some slight variation may be noticed between different pairs, though each will function and appear nearly identical.


Overall Length: 9.625 Inches
Materials: Forged Carbon Steel, Thick Genuine Leather Straps
Gauge Thickness: 20bwg
Surface: Chrome Plated, Satin Polished Finish, Oiled for Preservation, Lacquered Interior
Coverage: Forearms, Wrists
Straps: Fully Adjustable, Steel Buckle, 3mm Thick Leather
Size: Fits Adult Sizes, Worn Under Padding

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