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Berserker Viking Warrior Axe - Functional Hand Forged HC Steel

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Splinter shields, helmets, and split chainmail open, that is the historical outcome of a Viking Axe used in battle. It was the mainstay of the giant warriors, who were unstoppable for centuries, and feared by empires. The Berserker is a warrior that would fight in a wild frenzy and became very strong due to the circumstances of battle. You might say a Berserker becomes excited during a fight, well, the term originated with the Vikings and the Axe is the epitome of that sentiment.

This is a full sized version and it is completely hand forged by a blacksmith using techniques which match the historical construction of the Viking Axe. Yes, it is functional, but we ship this axe with an angled edge that is not sharpened, so we leave the decision to sharpen it up to you. The handle is real hardwood that is sanded completely smooth and stained or rubbed down to preserve a uniform protective finish. Each piece is hand made and may contain slight variation from the picture upon careful study, due to the nature of hand forging this historically accurate piece.


Overall Length: 16.125 Inches
Bit Length: 6.35 Inches
Bit Width: 4.05 Inches
Bit Thickness: 36.5mm & 15.5mm Tapered
Bit Blade: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel, Tempered, Quenched, Historically Accurate
Bit Sharpness: Simple Angled Edge, Unsharpened
Primary Design: Single Handed Axe
Handle: Hardwood, Smooth Sanded, Naturally Stained
Historically Accurate Replica, Functional After Sharpening

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