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Blood & Ivory: A Tapestry by P.C. Hodgell - Hardcover - NEW

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ISBN:  189206572-X

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From back cover:

Who was Kindrie's father?  What triggered the massacre of the Knorth women?  What happened the night Jame got driven out by Ganth?

Jamethiel Priest's-Bane first entered our lives when she walked out of the Haunted Lands on the opening page of God Stalk in 1982 with the haunts on her trail, searching for her ten-year older twin brother Tori to give him their father's sword and ring.  But what was she doing in that Haunted Lands in the first place?  What happened that caused her to leave her home? 

For the past 20 years, this has been one of the biggest mysteries of Jame's background.  The answers to those questions - and others - are found in the pages of this collection.

Blood & Ivory:  A Tapestry presents eight original stories by P.C. Hodgell, three of them written especially for this collection.  These stories explore different facets of Jame's life and background and weave a lush and complex picture of this enigmatic figure.  Also included are new introductions to the stories, as well as maps and drawings by P.C. Hodgell.

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