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Dark Repulser v2 Sword Art Online Replica Kirito Aqua-Colored Steel

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Kirito from the anime in the first season went to Lisbeth and requested a sword be crafted that could parallel the Elucidator in stats. Lisbeth and Kirito went on a quest to obtain Crystalline Ingot, a very rare material used to craft legendary swords. As it turns out, the quest included a dragon, which nearly trapped them and eliminated them before they found the material needed to craft the Dark Repulser sword. The Dark Repulser is similar to a longsword in style, and Kirito wields it with one hand, whilst holding the Elucidator in the other hand.
Carbon steel is used to craft this near perfect, hand painted replica piece, in the pale green color seen only within the anime fantasy world. The hand guard is all metal with an epic color scheme two-tone gloss finish. The handle itself contains a 3 quarter steel tang, and made of solid wood, then filled & finished in matching glossy colors. Comes with a faux leather sheath and has adjustable should harness.
Overall Length: 38 Inches
Blade Length: 29 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm, Tapered
Blade Style: Fantasy Longsword, Anime Replica
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Features: Painted Aqua-marine, Unique Profile w Wide Point
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Display Replica, 3/4 Tang
Tang: Three Quarter Tang, Carbon Steel
Handle: 7.75 Inches, Wooden, Glossy Hand Painted, Two-toned
Includes: Free Faux Leather Sheath, Black, Adjustable Back Straps

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