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Dedicant: A Witch's Circle of Fire by Thuri Calafia PB

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This comprehensive course is a lifeline for solitary seekers, providing guidance through a full year and a day of Wiccan study.

Experienced teacher Thuri Calafia introduces monthly lessons that follow the Wheel of the Year. As the earth's cycles unfold, you'll explore historical lore, sabbat rituals, seasonal energy, tools, and symbols associated with each time of the year. Both practical and spiritual aspects of Wicca are discussed, including etiquette, spellcasting, herb work, ritual garb, selecting a teacher or coven, choosing a magical name, and more. Each lesson—filled with meditations, rituals, pathworking exercises, activities, ethics issues, and personal anecdotes from the author—will draw you closer to the Path of the Wise and prepare you for the next step in your Wiccan education.

Dedicant kicks off a four-volume Wiccan study series—dedicant, initiate, adept, and master—based on the traditional degree system.

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