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Dragoon Gambeson Arming Shirt Padded Armor Wear Medieval Renaissance Sleeveless Doublet

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The Medieval knight almost always wore a Gambeson or Arming Doublet, which is like a thick shirt stuffed with material or other absorbent matter. Ideally, the padded shirt was to be worn under the heavy plate armor and chainmail to help absorb kinetic energy and soften the blow. However, it was found less fortunate individuals wore just cotton padding protection (without steel or leather armor on top) into battle due to limited resources or funds. The Gambeson is the basis or start of your armor. If you plan to wear any type of metal or leather armor, you should have on the cotton padding to fit it as designed.
This Gambeson is two-toned in Ecru white and dark brown. The padding material is thin foam with light fabric on top. You can adjust this to fit most adult sizes from small to extra large. Many will find it easy to wear due to weighing about half a pound, and some wear this to Ren Fairs without armor on top. Please note, this is meant mostly for medium and lighter armor loads and not a RFB. Each Gambeson is handmade or hand tailored and may contain slight variations in dimensions and color when comparing any two pieces.
Overall Length: 34.5 Inches
Shoulder Width: 19.75 Inches (flat)
Materials: Heavy Stitched, Wool/Cotton/Polyester
Padding Material: Foam Layered or Cotton Material
Coverage: Torso, Stomach, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Groin, Butt, Partial Upper Legs
Fastening: Four Tie Straps Per Side, Adjustable
Features: Padding for Medium & Light Armor Bearing Load, Costume Replica
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Apparel Weight: 9oz
Color: Ecru White, Dark Brown, Coyote Brown Neck Trim

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