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Magnolia Leaves Dried (Magnolia Grandeflora)

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Magnolia leaves in magic:  Magnolia leaves can be used for protection of your home and money, love, passion and fidelity. A well known way of using them for protection is to scatter a few of the leaves around the inside of your home.  Carry a leaf in your wallet with your money to protect it.  Place a leaf on your altar or in your journal or book of shadows to protect them from people touching them.  Plant Magnolia trees in your yard to promote family and home.  Magnolia leaves have been sewn into mattresses to insure fidelity.   

Each package contains 7 leaves. These are wild harvested from our 20 acre property so we know there are no chemicals or pesticides used. 

Charissa's Cauldron makes no claims as to the effectiveness of any of its magickal supplies and sells them all as curios only.  Please do your research before ingesting any herbs and consult with your medical professional.  We make no medical claims.