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Elementary Tarot by Roberta Peters HC

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From the inside flap: 

Nowadays, Tarot reading is the kind of popular pastime that tea-leaf reading or playing card reading once was, and professional Tarot readers advertise in magazines, give readings on the air and even on-line.  Books and software proliferate, and while Tarot has gained in popularity it has lost its unnerving occult image, and this comfortable familiarity makes it appear harmless.  So has the Tarot lost its power?  Not at all.  The cards are still a frighteningly accurate way of peering into life of a perfect stranger and of predicting his future.  This book will take you through the history of the Tarot and explain each card in turn and its significance when found in a spread.  'Elementary Tarot' is an easy to follow and colourful introduction to the art of Tarot reading. 

Used Very Good - Nice hardcover book - book jacket intact with small tear at bottom. Small dent at bottom of hardcover, but otherwise book is in excellent condition.

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