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Fantasy Master (Explicit Version) by GL Henderson leather gold stamped cover

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Jasmine is a loyal, hardworking professional woman who enjoys the company of good friends, especially her best friend Renee. Unfortunately for Jasmine, all is not well at home. Her once passionate relationship with her boyfriend Lewis is now shrouded by secrets. After Jasmine and Renee uncover what Lewis has been doing while working late nights, she kicks the love of her life out of her life.
After time has passed, Jasmine meets Anthony, a man who takes her away from reality. She’s convinced she has met her soul mate and feels emotionally ready to give herself to Anthony. But Lewis is determined to ruin her new start with him. And now a lover from Lewis’ past will reveal a devastating secret to Jasmine, which may potentially take her away from Anthony - the master of all of her fantasies.
The Fantasy Master allows readers the opportunity to laugh, cry, and rejoice. It lets you address the emotional situation everyone experiences in real life and permits you to reflect on their significance. The Fantasy Master will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what could possibly happen next.

Used Very Good Condition - minor scuffing on this HTF edition of this book - padded leather cover with gold stamped title

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