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Fate Unlimited Codes Excalibur Sword Avalon Scabbard Saber Lilly - Full Tang High Quality Replica

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Yellow and Blue decorate the scabbard, named Avalon, like a fine Italian sports car, perfect sharp lines and stripes that appear to move faster than light. Oh yes, the scabbard alone has the familiar name Avalon, which fits only the great sword Excalibur. Excalibur is a European (strait) longsword type with double sided edge. Both Excalibur and Avalon are featured in the anime, manga, game Fate Unlimited Codes (Stay Night). The handle guard is all metal, along with the pommel, plus the handle is wooden with a fine high gloss coating of the deep blue paint. Saber Lilly, a character in the show, acquires these two entities separately and is able to reunite the two as a whole again.
Designed for ornamental purposes only, this sword does posses a full tang and carbon steel blade. On the blade is inscription writing from the anime series, that which is inscribed on both sides of the sword and also Avalon, the scabbard. This full tang Excalibur and Avalon replica sword and scabbard set has no equal in quality and authenticity. It has a limited number available for purchase and possesses collectible features and qualities.
Overall Length: 45.75 Inches
Blade Length: 29 Inches
Blade: Carbon Steel, Polished Satin Finish, Writing on Blade
Blade Thickness: 2mm
Edge: Unsharpened, Cosplay Replica
Guard: All Aluminum, Anodized Brass Color, Dark Blue Glossy Trim
Handle: Wooden, High Gloss Painted Blue
Tang: Full Carbon Steel Tang
Scabbard: Wooden, Metal Throat & Fittings, Yellow & Blue Satin Finish

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