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Highlander Cinema Replica Katana - Ivory Dragons Head Blue

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Carbon Steel makes this blade a true replica of the katana Connor obtained from an epic battle in the Highlander saga. Oil is applied to the carbon steel to protect it from the elements and the edge is left unsharpened, but has an angle cut to permit sharpening if so desired. The Habaki is solid brass and the Tsuba is coated in a fine gold finish with the dragon design. Most notable is the unique Tsuka designed exactly as the original piece from the movies. It also has a red gem laid out on the ivory-finished surface. It depicts the hand-carved replication from the hit cinema of the open mouth dragon. Included is the Saya with a glossy blue piano finish and matching Sageo (hanging cord).
Overall Length:40 Inches
Blade Length: 27 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Oiled
Blade Sharpness: Factory Cut Edge, Unsharpened
Tsuba (Guard): ABS, Gold Finish, Dragon Rendition
Tsuka (Handle): Ivory Replica ABS, Dragon Rendition, 12.5 Inches
Kashira (Pommel): Open Mouth Dragon Rendition
Saya: Glossy Blue Finish, Rosewood, 29.75 Inches

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