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Hiro Nakamura Katana Sword from Heroes TV Series

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From the hit TV series Heroes comes this awesome katana that seems to defy the physics of space and time, in the hands of Hiro Nakamura. Historically, this katana was wielded by Takezo Kensei, whom Hiro's father often spoke of. It would seem fate has led Hiro to this sword, as it may lead him to his fate as a Hero.

The blade is carbon steel and oiled well for protection from the elements. It is important for a carbon steel katana to be oiled. There is a factory edge on the blade to provide the proper angle, and we leave it unsharpened so you can carry it to gatherings or use in re-enactments. The all metal Habaki (collar) depicts some fine metal worked designs, and the all metal Tsuba (guard) is spoked like in the hit series. The handle is wooden with leather wrappings and the Japanese helix emblem is solid brass, riveted.


Overall Length: 39 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Habaki (Collar): All Metal, Antiqued Finish
Tsuba (Guard): All Metal, Spokes, Black
Tsuka (Handle): Wooden, Leather Wrapped, Brass Emblem
Handle Length: 11 Inches
Kashira (Pommel): All Metal, Black, Flower Embossed
Saya (Scabbard): Wooden, Black Piano Finish

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