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K-Project Anime Sword Kuroah Yatogami Katana Former Vassel Kuroh

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The sword used by the vassal of the 7th deceased king, Kuroh Yatogami. Kuroh has his mind set to accomplish his goals but he has more important things in life which he prioritizes. He is modest and has good skills at cooking. He is assigned by his deceased master to find the color-less king and kill the king if he proves evil! The sword displays the earnest personality of Kuroh.

The blade of the sword is forged with high quality carbon steel and has the iconic pattern engraved on it. It has a beautifully designed, blue scabbard that has a symbol to replicate the original blade. Metal fittings and ornaments adorn the scabbard.


Overall Length: 41 Inches
Blade Length: 26.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Blade: Carbon Steel, Unsharpened
Guard: Aluminum, Gold Finish
Handle: Wooden, White Faux Rayskin, Black Faux Leather Wrap
Saya: Wooden, Metal Fittings & Ornaments
Features: Authentic Engraved Design on Blade

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