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Kings Fool Harlequin Court Jester Hood Renaissance Middle Ages Entertainer Cap Red

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Noticeably brighter than most other dwellers during the Middle Ages, the entertainer or Court Jester was likely the funniest guy around. At fine dinner parties the jester would entertain lords and kings and anyone with a fat wallet. This cap is a replica made to be worn at Renaissance Fairs and the like. Each hood is made by hand and may vary slightly in appearances or precise dimensions. For cleaning, we recommend gentle hand washing or dry clean only. Hang to dry.
Overall Height: 26.75 Inches (flat)
Overall Width: 33 Inches (flat)
Materials: Cotton Blend
Color: Red w Brown Interior
Historical Significance: Renaissance Period Court Entertainer
Purpose & Functionality: Cosplay, Costume, Decoration
Features: 15 Inch "Tail", Multi-Layered Fabric
Size: Unisex Adults

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