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Knights Templar Crusaders Armor Pointmans Cuirass - Front & Back Armour

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Full metal protection is provided via hand forged carbon steel armor, fashioned in the same manor as worn by the Knights Templar, Swiss Knights, and Crusaders. The overall shape and curvature of the armor was perfect at deflecting spears, swords, bows, and even the battle axe. Every knight in middle ages Europe had to get a set of plate armor like this to fight a proper battle. This is the functional armor replica, made in the old ways of hammer forging, and uses leather straps for support and attachment. It covers the front and back of the torso. Keep it oiled for protection during storage. Each piece is handmade from raw materials by a blacksmith and may contain its own unique imperfections.


Overall Length: 21 Inches
Overall Width: 17.75 Inches
Material: Carbon Steel, Handmade, Forged
Armor Type: Plate Cuirass
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Coverage: Chest, Stomach, Back, Abdomen
Knights Templar Crusades Period Accurate

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