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Medieval Functional Knights Armor Greaves Leg Armour Forged Steel

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Set of two steel armor leg greaves!
Medieval armor can be used to cover the body from head to toe, and even with the minimum amount of armor, a knight would always wear his Greaves (leg armor). For example, on horseback, the lower leg is the easiest point for a combatant to attack, so covering that part of the body would be paramount. These Greaves are made by hand in the same way originally made in Middle Ages Europe, suitable for functional use and reenactments. They feature adjustable leather straps with steel buckle in the rear for tight or loose fitment. Goes well with a Cuirass and helmet.
Overall Length: 16.35 Inches
Width: 7.15 Inches
Materials: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel, Authentic Cowhide Leather
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Era: Medieval Europe, Iron Age Steel
Fitment: Adjustable Leather Straps, Riveted
Features: Full Lower Leg Coverage

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