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Medieval Leather Baldric Hanger Sword Belt - Frog Sheath Shoulder Harness Back Strap

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Made entirely by hand from naturally occurring materials, this Baldric, or shoulder sword harness, is 100% historically accurate. If you own a great sword, long sword, or other large European sword, you need one of these, especially if your sword is too long to wear from the waist. The leather is genuine cowhide and very thick, no synthetic materials at all. The strap comes with 3 different size adjustments, but you can always add your own size custom to fit your needs. The straps buckle is handmade from solid brass too.

Hang the tip of your long sword in the frog and place the hilt or guard at the top next to the brass rivets. Then use the integrated leather tie downs to secure the hand guard in place, with the knot looped over the handle of the sword. Often a knight would tie a knot he could loosen with one pull of the leather string for quick-draw. When it comes time to draw, pull the knot and draw the sword out in one swift motion. If you have an extra wide sword blade, you can adjust the sword frog width via the buckles and leather straps. Fits swords from 25 inches up to 75 inches in length, and 3.6 inches in width.


Overall Length: 56.5 Inches
Frog Height: 12.1 Inches
Frog Width (Adjustable): 2 - 3.6 Inches
Shoulder Strap Adjustment: Upto 25.75 Inches
Materials: Genuine Cowhide Leather, Solid Brass Buckle, Solid Brass Rivets

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