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Middle Age Feastware Dining Knife & Spike Set Medieval Times Renaissance Eating Utensils

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Our medieval table knife and pricker set is drawn from similar examples found in the Thames around London and dates back to the 14th and 15th century. Since hosts did not provide cutlery for their guests during the Middle Ages in Europe, most people carried their own knives in sheaths attached to their belts. The blade pricker is intended to be used as we would use a modern day fork. It is to hold food whilst cutting with the knife and then is used to prick the food and to elevate into the mouth. This handmade table knife and spike set have handles made of hardwood bolstered with shiny steel. Comes complete with a genuine leather dual sheath and leather strap.
Knife Specifications
Overall Length: 5.75 Inches
Blade Length: 3.375 Inches
Blade Width: 0.625 Inches (Max)
Material: Stainless Steel, Full Tang, Handmade
Sharpness or Functionality: Sharpened, Functional Prop
Pricker Specifications
Overall Length: 5.525 Inches
Handle Length: 2.135 Inches
Spike Length: 3.375 Inches
Material: Stainless Steel, Full Tang, Handmade
Sheath Specifications
Overall Length: 5.625 inches
Material: Genuine Leather, Dual holster with strap

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