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Modern Medieval Steampunk Pouch All-in-one Carrier Bag Renaissance Fair Costume

$ 111.95

Wear this hugely popular and multipurpose satchel carry bag as part of your costume, garb, outfit, or daily carry. It fits right in to the Steampunk world, and also has a lot in common with late renaissance styling or early industrial era theme. Features amenities for modern equipment storage such as your set of keys and cell phone pocket. Inside you can fit a lot more and without breaking character. Materials used include canvas in Ecru color (similar to beige or white) and brown Pleather, along with brass and metal pieces. Made to fit adult sizes and please use care when wearing this prop. Since it is handmade, you might find some unique threads and markings that are random or seem to be in excess, but overall you will receive one of the most versatile themed pouches available. Please note: keys and phone are for pictures and not included. As always with handmade products, each piece may vary slightly in color, shape, size, or style when comparing any two directly.
Overall Height: 9.55 Inches
Exterior Width: 7 Inches

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