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Nakigitsune Sword Touken Ranbu Carbon Steel Replica Katana Foxfire Nihontou

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Touken Ranbu, the online game, is originally a Japanese browser game that has grown immensely in popularity. This ornate Katana replica is modeled after the sword called Nakigitsune, none other than the Uchigatana from the Kamakura Period. The red, black, and gold trim shine brilliantly and a fox emblem appears on both the Tsuba (guard) and Saya (scabbard). Perfect for Cosplay or conventions too, as the blade is not sharpened, making it safe to handle.
Overall Length: 40.45 Inches
Blade Length: 26.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 3.75mm, Tapered
Blade Style: Japanese Katana, Nihontou
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Brushed Hamon
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Outstanding Cosplay Replica, Half Tang
Tang: Half Tang, Non-Functional
Guard or Tsuba: All Metal, Shiny Golden & Graphic Metallic Finish
Handle : 11.25 Inches, Wooden, Black Nylon Wrapped, Red Faux Rayskin
Saya: Wooden, Glossy Black, Black Sageo, Gold Print Emblem, Metal Fittings

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