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Paladin Warriors Heavy Gambeson Arming Doublet Padded Jack (Cotton Under Padding)

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Padded arming Gambeson shirts are pretty much required if you wish to wear steel plate or chainmail armor. The padding provides absorption of kinetic energy and also comfort and proper fitment of the steel armor. This Coyote brown Gambeson shirt is perfect for wearing under your steel Cuirass and Pauldrons, Chainmail shirt, or just by itself even. It has a very comfortable fit at around medium sizes (yet larger than a large T-shirt), and allows free range of motion. Four genuine leather straps with adjustable metal buckles can be used with the preset positions, or you can punch your own positions for the perfect tolerances.

Flexible synthetic foam is the primary padding material used in the construction of the Paladin Gambeson, so it will last a long time and always be fresh. Some customers have reported success hand washing and steam cleaning the Arming Doublet, however, SwordsAxe recommends dry cleaning this Gambeson as needed. It has grown popular to wear at Renaissance Festivals with an actual item weight of only about 1.1 pounds. Each Gambeson is handmade or hand tailored and may contain slight variations in dimensions and color when comparing any two pieces.


Overall Length: 34.5 Inches
Shoulder Width: 20.5 Inches (flat)
Arm to Arm Width: 47 Inches (flat)
Materials: Heavy Stitched, Wool/Cotton/Polyester/Felt, Genuine Leather, Metal
Padding Material: Foam Layered, Heavy Cotton Material
Coverage: Torso, Stomach, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Upper Arms
Fastening: Genuine Leather Straps, Metal Buckles, Adjustable
Features: Heavy Padding for Armor Bearing Load, Metal Riveted Straps
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Apparel Weight: 1 pound 2 ounces
Color: Coyote Brown Exterior, Brown Interior

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