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Roman Gladiator Muscles Armor - Conquerors Pride Plate Armour

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Built tough, forged and formed to perfection, this carbon steel armor plating is functional and you can wear it out for show and play, and battle too. The women love this armor, as it looks like something from the 300 movie, though it is actually based on Roman armor style and Gladiator arena fighting. This sturdy set comes with both a front and back to protect the entire torso and vital areas. It fits adult sizes and is made in the old ways for lore friendly applications.


Overall Length: 20.75 Inches
Overall Width: 16.75 Inches
Material: Carbon Steel, Handmade, Forged
Plate Thickness: 18 Gauge
Armor Type: Plate Cuirass
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Coverage: Chest, Stomach, Back, Abdomen
Gladiator Roman Muscles Armor

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