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SAO Kirito Elucidator Replica Sword Art Online Version Two 41 Inches

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This is the version 2 replica of the sword carried by Kirito in the Japanese anime Sword Art Online. In the anime, Kirigaya Kazuto plays a total-immersion neural-net gamer and wields this sword, the Elucidator. On the opening day of the game, SAO, gamers find they are trapped in the game until all levels are defeated. The Elucidator is a boss-drop, meaning Kirito picked up this unique item in-game and used it throughout his gameplay.
This replica sword has an all carbon steel blade which is quenched and hardened on the surface to produce a black sheen. The edges are not sharp, as this is an ornate replica meant for collectors. It could be sharpened professionally, however, most SAO fans will enjoy this as-is at conventions and as a conversation piece of art. The handle is wrapped in faux leather for elegant and comfortable grip. The guard and pommel are aluminum.
Overall Length: 41 Inches
Blade Length: 29 Inches
Blade: High Carbon Steel, Quenched Blackened, 3/4 Tang
Edge: Unsharpened, Cosplay
Guard: Solid Aluminum, Steel Inner Frame, Powder Coated Black & Silver
Handle: 8 Inches, Wooden, Faux Leather Wrap, Black
Scabbard (Saya): Wooden w Leather Straps, Black & Silver

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