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Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch: Attaining Higher Spirituality Through a Five-Degree System by Shanddaramon PB

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Published 2004 Career Press

Within modern Wicca, the urge still exists to find a particular school of study.  Covens are an option for some, but they can be hard to find.  Even when you find one, it may not satisfy your particular quest.  Additionally, many people who desire more direct access to their god or goddess choose to practice alone.  Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch is the solution for all of these dilemmas. 

This much-needed text leads practitioners through a Dedication and the study of five degrees.  

First Degree:  The Path of Intellect

Includes:  history, ethics, tenets, basic ritual, basic spellcraft and healing and introductory to divination techniques.

Second Degree:  Path of the Heart

Includes: celebrations, meditations, energy work, cleansing and protection methods, and psychic work. 

Third Degree: Path of the Soul

Includes:  element of spirit, kundalini raising, group dynamics, spiritual advising, and advanced magickal study.

Fourth Degree:  Path of the Physical

Includes: finding wholeness, rituals of rebirth, meditations on the Unity, and service to others. 

Fifth Degree:  Path of the Mysterious

Includes:  community work, earth consciousness, Wiccan lifestyle, and planetary and star studies.

This work is a wonderful guide to creating a personal study program.  Use it as you see fit to create a path of personal and spiritual growth.

Shanddaramon is a composer, musician and writer.  He is Director of Music and Arts at a Unitarian Universalist Church in North Carolina.  He also leads workshops and writes articles about developing and understanding the connection between spirituality and the arts and about Wiccan spirituality.  Shanddaramon is also a founding member and brother in the Sacred Order of Living Paganism, which incorporates the five degrees outlined in this text. 

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