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Shana of the Burning Eyes (Shakugan no Shana) Wooden Cosplay Sword Replica

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Blazing Eyes Shana, or just Shana, is a Japanese anime and manga about spirits and human life. Shana carries this sword and protects the delicate balance between good and evil in the world. Here is the all wooden Cosplay replica, built and decorated using Lead-free paints, in it's entire beauty. There are no metal parts, so this sword can be taken to Conventions like Dragon-Con as part of an outfit, or just for show. The look of the blade is captured extremely well using that silver metallic paint, and the fittings are all plastic with a faux antiqued brass finish. Everything about this replica is built exactly like a real sword except without metal parts. It is more than just a costume piece, it is a full wood replica.


Overall Length: 39.25 Inches
Blade Length: 27.125 Inches
Blade: Solid Wood, Silver Metallic Painted, Cosplay Replica
Handle Length: 10 Inches
Handle: Black Nylon Wrapped Over White Faux Ray Skin
Saya: Rosewood, Plastic Fittings, Flat Black Paint

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