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STAR+GATE: A Tool for Intuition by Richard H. Geer - Book and Deck Set

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STAR+GATE:  A system to help focus, clarify, and resolve the questions and decisions of today.  How does STAR+GATE do this?  By tapping into the individual's intuitive insight.  STAR+GATE creates a symbolic mirror that can be used on any topic, providing insights, new perspectives, and a positive course of action. 

STAR+GATE will help you:

  • make better decisions
  • develop intuition and creativity
  • solve relationship and career problems
  • create a plan of action for attaining goals

"A powerful tool for eliciting new insights into personal issues."  Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy

STAR+GATE consists of 96 two-sided Symbolic Cards, a Sky Spread flexible game board, and a Circle Pattern chart.  Also included is Keys to the Kingdom, which serves as a complete handbook to the STAR+GATE system.

Used Very Good - outer box has been slightly crushed. Book, star chart, cards and sky spread are all in excellent condition.