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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants revised by Susan Gregg PB

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Published 2014 Fair Winds Press

Discover the magical properties and mystical uses of nearly 300 herbs, flowers and other plants - many of which you can find right outside your back door. 

  • If you're having trouble finding forgiveness, especially during family arguments, place Chrysanthemum flower heads in your bath to release anger.
  • If you're feeling your partner may be breaking the honesty code, place Magnolia leaves under your bed to encourage fidelity and prevent your relationship from going astray.
  • If you're feeling an itch of negativity, sprinkle Heliotrope blossoms around your home and heal any lingering emotional wounds.
  • If you're feeling easily distracted and restless, chew Celery seeds to increase your attention during the day, or place some in your pillow to get a good night's rest.

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants is the ultimate guide to using nature all around you to enhance your life.  In this revised and updated edition, learn simple recipes for teas, tonics, and elixirs as well as ways to burn incense and other methods to tap into and apply the magic these plants possess.  Let this book help you unlock secrets to better health, prosperity, and inner peace. 

Used Very Good Condition - minor shelf wear along corners and edges of cover.

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