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The Cult Explosion: An Expose of Today's Cults and Why They Prosper by Dave Hunt PB

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From the back of the book:

"The Cult Explosion .....shows the real danger and the strategy employed by the old and the new cults - how we can win over these sinister forces by using the power of truth.  Facts and personal experiences are related by people who escaped to tell about it. 

What is the Star Wars Force? 

Who are the sorcerers?

Where are the dead?

What is the Ultimate Lie? 

This book is a must reading for anyone who wants to understand the subtle way cults prey upon the fears, needs, and weaknesses of so many people.  The cultic forces are rampant today.  The Cult Explosion will show you how to conquer their power!"


Used Very Good - cover, pages and spine in excellent condition. Such minor wear it is almost like new.

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