Ariel's Treasure Trove - Product Review

Posted April 09 2015

I meet Ariel through the Pagan Business Network. She messaged me in response to some of the discussions we were having about marketing and exposure in the group. While we were talking I browsed through her shop and read some of the information she had on her products. I ended up at her blog.   Her ideas and processes intrigued me.   The conversation turned from marketing to her products.  I really liked that the line was all vegan.  I was about to purchase some facial cleanser and moisturizer so I decided to try some of hers instead of reordering what I normally use.


I asked her which one I should order. She asked some questions about my skin and what issues I had and offered to make up a custom cleanser and moisturizer for me. I asked her to add a facial mask in the mix, a handmade cowl and placed my order. This was a couple of days after Christmas. (I have gotten behind on the reviews I wanted to write.)



When I first opened her package I was impressed with the time and effort she had taken to make the package attractive on the outside as well as the inside. The packaging was obviously handmade. It was colorful and happy.  An attractive package ups the excitement level when opening it. 


When I first tried the cleanser I was skeptical. I’m used to a creamy cleanser and this was much thinner. When I finished washing my face for the first time I was impressed with how soft it felt. Next I tried the mask. It is a dry clay powder mix that you add water to. I put it on my face, let it dry and washed it off. Amazingly enough, my skin was even softer than it was after using the cleanser. Next, the moisturizer. ….


I opened it up and rubbed my finger in it. Now this, I knew right away I would not like. It was oily feeling rather than creamy. This was surely going to make my skin feel greasy. Ah well, in for a penny… I spread it on my skin and neck.  The first thing I noticed was the smell.  It was like having an aromatherapy treatment.  A few minutes later it was as if it were never there with one exception. My skin was glowing. It was soft and smooth as if I had just had a facial.
Here it is April and I have reordered the same formulas and have gotten rid of my other products. This one moisturizer has taken the place of four other products.


As for the cowl….warm…soft….it has become one of my favorite winter accessories. I wore it the rest of the winter both indoors and out.

In the spirit of transparency I just placed an order a couple of weeks ago for some of her products to sell in my shop. I did that because I was so impressed with the quality of the product and how well it worked.

You can find the same custom and quality service that I did at Ariel’s Treasure Troves. Watch for future products by Ariel’s Treasure Troves HERE in my shop.