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About Charissa's Cauldron

Charissa's Cauldron is run by Lady Charissa in Rockmart, Georgia.  The shop opened in 2014 and carries a variety of items.  The Charissa's Cauldron line is comprised of items made or grown at Silver Pines, the 20 acre farm and woodland owned by Charissa and her husband David at Silver Pines. 

The line of products offered at Charissa's Cauldron includes:


Goddess Waters

Goddess Waters are blends of herbs and oils created for use when invoking the energy of specific goddesses.  They can be used for anointing or added to spells and other magick when the energy of a specific goddess is needed.  They come in a 1 oz concentrate or a 4 oz spray (diluted and ready to use). 

Lunar Waters

These waters are made using spring water from a natural underground spring running under Silver Pines.  The water is charged in a sacred circle under the moon.  Always have the energy of the appropriate moon to add to your workings.

Elemental Waters

These waters are gathered from nature when particular energies are in play.  Add them to your spell work to bring the various energies water can bring. 

Magickal Earth

Graveyard dirt, church dirt, bank dirt, ocean sand and more.  Always have the right ingredient for your spell work. 

Hoodoo Waters

Appalachian magick is strongly rooted with Hoodoo.  These waters are Charissa's  own blend developed through years of training, study and use.  

Dried Herbs & Plant Material

Charissa’s Cauldron uses plant material wild harvested from Silver Pines’ 20 acres of farm and woods, grown by Charissa or her mother.  You will find many unusual items wild harvested from the woods and fields at Silver Pines. 

Flower & Crystal Essences

When Charissa’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she and her family were overcome with the grief and stress.  She had read about a product called Bach’s Flower Rescue Remedy.  She decided to find out more.  She purchased several books on the subject and talked to several people in health stores and purchased several essences to try.

What she found was an amazing product that channeled her right into learning more about the history and use of flower essences.  The flower essences fit in nicely with her own interests and training in Appalachian folk medicine and magick. Her success with the original remedies motivated her to research the flowers in her local area and learn how they could help create emotional healing. She decided to make flower essences and later crystal essences a part of her line, Charissa’s Cauldron.

Handcrafted Items

Charissa has always been drawn to arts and crafting.  She brings that love to her line of spiritual and magickal supples.