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Crystal Tips

Crystal Tips - Apophyllite

Apophyllite enhances intuition, clairvoyance, visions, and sensitivity. It will assist in connecting with spirit guides and guardian angels. This crystal sharpens instincts and senses while releasing mental blocks and negative thought patterns. It aids with burnout while energizing one with enthusiasm.  Charissa's Cauldron offers Apophyllite Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/apophyllite-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Apatite

Apatite assists in building self-confidence while stimulating imagination, creativity, and intellect. It enhances insight, psychic abilities, and assists in letting go of that which is no longer of use. It promotes strength of will and dissolves negativity.  Charissa's Cauldron offers Apatite Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/apatite-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Apache Tears

Apache Tears help to relieve anxiety and sustain one at times of great sorrow and grief. It protects against negative energies as well as psychic attacks and the drain from psychic vampires. Use it to clear the aura of negative energy and make way for more positive healthy energies. Charissa's Cauldron offers Apache Tears Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/apache-tears-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Ametrine

Ametrine Crystal combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine. It opens the third eye chakra, promotes psychic development, calms the mind, and clears stress and tension. It promoted healing, releasing blockages and negative emotional programming. It protects against psychic attack. Charissa's Cauldron offers Ametrine Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/ametrine-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Amethyst

Amethyst Crystals guard against psychic attack, relieve stress, dispel anger, balance mood swings, open intuition, and enhance psychic development. It relieves insomnia and aids in remembering and understanding dreams. It calms, soothes, improves motivation, protects, and cleanses. Charissa's Cauldron offers Amethyst Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/amethyst-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Angelite

Angelite Crystal will help one gain balance, peace, tranquility, calm, and focus. It can assist one in astral travel and has been used to call on angels for support and guidance. It can heighten sensory awareness and remove blockages to communication. Charissa's Cauldron offers Angelite Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/angelite-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Amazonite

Amazonite Crystals provide a filter of information passing through the brain and combines it with intuition while opening the Third Eye. It calms the brain and nervous system soothing and blocking stress and emotional trauma. Amazonite dispels negative energy and aggravation, alleviates worry and fear, opens up the ability to see both sides of a problem and different points of view. It heals and opens both the heart and throat...

Crystal Tips - Amber

Amber Crystals ease stress by balancing the emotions and clearing phobias and fears. It releases negative energy to clear the mind and increases confidence, mental clarity and creative self-expression. Charissa's Cauldron offers Amber Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/amber-crystal-remedy 

Crystal Tips - Alexandrite

Alexandrite Crystals can stimulate imagery, imagination, and expand creativity. It opens metaphysical abilities and intuition while it enhances manifestation. In addition it aids in building self-respect, strong will, and personal magnetism. It can teach you how to expend less effort for better results.  Charissa's Cauldron offers Alexandrite Crystal Remedy to bring these properties into your life. http://charissascauldron.com/collections/crystals-gemstones/products/alexandrite-crystal-remedy