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Other Places to Find Charissa's Cauldron Products

Show Schedule

CalderaFest Pagan Music Festival  - October 5-9, 2017

Four days and three nights of Pagan Music, Workshops, Vending and Festivities in North Georgia. 



Artes & Craft - This unique shop in Michigan focuses on handmade goods within the Pagan community.  They have a brick & mortar store as well a large online store.  

My Dragonfly Rose - For those around the North Georgia area you are likely to see My Dragonfly Rose vending at Pagan and holistic events.  You can find Charissa's Cauldron products at their table.

Ariel's Treasure Troves - Ariel loved our product so much that she has incorporated our essences into the recipes for her wonderful products.  Here is what she has to say:

I received an order of Charissa's Cauldron Essences in the mail one day and was entirely impressed just by seeing them! One drop on my skin proved they were the real deal! I have never come across an essence as truly amazing as these.

I began experimenting including them in my products. Perfume was a natural choice! Now not only do I have the natural scents of my Ariel's Treasure Troves body spray but the added powerful energies from the essences from Charissa's Cauldron! I also began using them in lotions, face creams and cleansers! The alcohol in the essence evaporates but still leaves the unbeatable energy! I also use it in my bedtime spray, which I spray on my linens and in the air before bed! This has worked amazingly! And once more in my house cleaners! I can not get enough of the added energies these essences provide! It helps not only everyone in and visiting my home, by myself as I go about my cleaning!

I'm working on using the essences in the distilling process of my oils! Have the added energies and the aromatherapy/naturopathic medicinal uses all in one! Even all these words can not describe how much this has benefited my life!

~ Ariel of Ariel's Treasure Troves

Mystic Echoes -  Mystic Echoes has started using some of our essences in some of her products.