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Moonwort Disks Dried (aka Honesty, Money Plant)

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Moonwort (aka Honesty, Money Plant) is a biannual plant meaning it has a lifespan of two years and blooms in its second year of life. The bloom are petite purple flowers that become seed pods before the plant dies. The seed pods are oval shaped transparent delicate silver disks.

The disks have been used to repel monsters, grant wishes and for love magic. They are also used in spells and amulets for moon magick. Due to the transparent nature of the of the disk they have also been used to encourage honesty and get to the truth of a situation.  Use them in money spells. 

These disks come in a pack of seven. They are gathered here at Silver Pines where we remove the outer coating to expose the silver disk inside. They grow wild in a section of our woodlands.

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